View from the Gutters

So a few months ago I was invited to join a comic book roundtable podcast called View from the Gutters:

View from the Gutters is a bi-weekly round-table discussion about comic books. In each episode we focus on one graphic novel or collected volume of a series. We review the week’s topic work (with frequent digressions to jabber about other comics and creators, discuss the state of the industry, or just bash on Geoff Johns for a while), and then each host nominates a new comic to discuss on the next episode. At the end of each podcast we vote to select which nominated work we’ll be talking about next time, so you can read along with us.

If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you can check it out at (or on iTunes). My first episode is number 7, which just went up tonight. In that episode we discuss Batman: Venom.