Legends of the Wulin

Short shout-out: about 6 years ago a Wuxia game called Weapons of the Gods was released, a tie-in with a Hong-Kong comic of the same title. The game was amazingly awesome, although it did suffer from a little “first-edition”-itis, and a few mechanics here or there that needed some work.

Unfortunately the game hasn’t had any updates or supplements for a while, and from what I understand the license for the Weapons of the Gods name/setting have been revoked. That’s okay, however, because some of the creators of WotG have created a new game–Legends of the Wulin–using a revised version of the game system and their own setting, and it will be available for pre-order on Wednesday (Dec. 15)!

Check it out — Legends of the Wulin Pre-Sale

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