Actual Play: The Group Contract

I left off last time┬áhaving created a campaign outline for myself which included the premise of the game, the roles of the protagonists and antagonists, and a number of adventure seeds for myself. When combined with the notes I’ve made regarding the genre and tone I’m shooting for with the game, I have enough infrastructural material that I’m ready to move on to the next step: introducing the game to the players.

The way I do that is with a Group Contract, which introduces the players to some of the precepts I laid out in the campaign outline and gives some information regarding character construction. Fortunately for me, the game system I’ve selected–Hunter: The Vigil–begins with the assumption that the party will be more or less in line with what I’d already intended. Had we been playing a game such as Dungeons and Dragons or even Vampire there would have been a great deal more latitude in terms of what the “purpose” of the party is within the game.

Most of the Group Contract is therefore filling in the players on the exact structure of their group within the conspiracy I’ve created, providing them with goal posts for their character concepts, and outlining what I’d like out of them as far as background material is concerned.

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